andersonHALL OF FAME

Babson United Rugby Club

Bill ‘Lugger’ Anderson ’83

Flanker & 2nd Row

Fierce Competitor, Equalizer,

The Original Intimidator

Inducted on the 30th Anniversary of BURC

October 17, 2009

Year #2, H.O.F. #9


B ill Anderson was a four year starter for BURC and was a big man among other big men.  When BURC first took the field in 1979, Bill was a Freshman making an impact on campus and an even bigger impact on the pitch.  Bill’s tenacity, helped contribute to the 1983 team ranking of 5th New England, all schools.  He was an imposing figure and an enforcer for the club that other teams learned to respect quickly.  Bill would occasionally run with the ball but was best at tearing down line outs, flattening opposing backs and delivering the ball to BURC’s backs.


hathawayHALL OF FAME

Babson United Rugby Club

Nick ‘Noise’ Hathaway ‘84

Inside & Outside Center, Fullback

President & Captain, Spiritual Leader,

Bif Bocaroba

Inducted on the 30th Anniversary of BURC

October 17, 2009

Year #2, H.O.F. #10


N ick helped continue to build BURC as president, developing A,B & C squads along Babson’s competitive skills and spirit following the graduation of founding members. During Nick’s tenure, Babson defeated Notre Dame to win the Holy Cross invitation cup during the ’83-’84 season. Nick was a leader on and off the pitch including road trips, attending the first two Bermuda Rugby Spring Breaks.  Nick’s play could be defined as “tenacious, even if only a back”  Nick wrote weekly Rugby updates in the Babson Free Press for Club P.R. under the pen name Biff Bocaroba over multiple years at Babson.



Babson United Rugby Club

Steve ‘Drewski’ Drew ‘86

Fullback, Inside & Outside Center

Officer, Captain, & Prolific Scorer,

Smart with Ball – Dumb with Body

Inducted on the 30th Anniversary of BURC

October 17, 2009

Year #2, H.O.F. #11


S teve was a prolific scorer in his four years with Babson Rugby.  He originally came to Babson for Soccer and discovered his love for Rugby with our ‘Play if you Practice’ philosophy.  A great athlete, Steve saw “A” team playing time as a freshmen, participated in Club leadership as Secretary in 1984 and Backs Captain in 1985.  Steve was known to be aggressive (for a back), smart with the ball, and dumb with his body (included in his plaque inscription).  He started as fullback freshman year then moved to inside center soph, junior and some outside center senior year.  Steve played 95% of the 2006 Alumni Game helping Alumni win the match 19-12.



Babson United Rugby Club

Paul ‘Paulie’ Giunta ‘91

Inside & Outside Center

Captain and all-purpose Back,

Dedication, Leadership & Commitment

Inducted on the 30th Anniversary of BURC

October 17, 2009

Year #2, H.O.F. #12


P aul was an inspirational force when he played for Babson and continues to show the strength and determination that inspires everyone who knows him.  Paul was Backs Captain in 1990 and he was a bull of an inside center or outside center, or anywhere you needed him.  He was an atypical Babson Back because he liked to mix it up and get himself dirty.  We won or kept it close many times because of Paul.   He was usually the first one at practice and the last one to leave the pitch.  After college, Paul went on to play with the Babson Old Boys Rugby Club and returned each year for Alumni Games.  He miraculously survived an automobile accident in 2006 and defied all odds to regain his ability to walk and return home by tapping his inner strength once again.


spauldingHALL OF FAME

Babson United Rugby Club

Sean ‘Rootbeer’ Spaulding ‘98

Inside & Outside Center

President, Officer, Manager, Diplomat

And Esteemed Bermuda Stroller

Inducted on the 30th Anniversary of BURC

October 17, 2009

Year #2, H.O.F. #13


I n his sophomore year, Sean took over a struggling program that had graduated nearly all of its seniors, seen the rest of its upperclassmen drop out or transfer, and which had been decimated after a disciplinary period.  In addition to rebuilding the program into a first-class collegiate program, Sean played harder, ran faster, and scored more tries than anyone on the team.  He was originally an outside center, and happily played flanker, lock, or 8-man…and better than pretty much anybody in DII rugby, at that.  Sean played for the NERFU select side and was among the only DII athletes on that DI team.  Sean continued playing while earning his Masters degree at Northwestern University and played in Spain while studying abroad beyond that.  Sean has been a fixture at Alumni games in recent years and continues to show the form that earns him the HOF distinction.



Babson United Rugby Club

Michael ‘Biggie’ Graham ‘03


President & Beast

Big Man with Speed

Inducted on the 30th Anniversary of BURC

October 17, 2009

Year #2, H.O.F. #14


M ichael ‘Biggie’ Graham came from Needham and its American Football program.  He made a smooth transition from tackle to prop, where he joined the Kopcso brothers, fellow Needhamites, to form the most unbalanced front row that BURC has had in its first 30 years. According to one of his teammates, “Biggie” stood out in every game by providing the ball to his club’s backs and occasionally scoring tries himself.  During the fall of 2002 in which BURC went 11-2, losing only to national powerhouse Middlebury, he scored two tries.  “Biggie” was also a leader off the field.  He served as the club’s president in 2002.



Babson United Rugby Club

Ken ‘KJ’ Jasper ‘82


President, Captain, Founding Father,

Godfather, Keeper of the Flame

Inducted on the 30th Anniversary of BURC

October 17, 2009

Year #2, H.O.F. #15


K en Jasper, B’82 was on the field with Tim DeMello and others when BURC first began.  He started at Wing then moved to Center and finished at Fullback.  He was the Club’s second President and passed control to Charlie Harrington as the third President.  Ken played in Alumni Games into the mid 1990’s and upon the tragic passing of Charlie Harrington in 1996 he began documenting the club history for future generations.  With other dedicated Alumni, Ken started the Babson Rugby Alumni Advisory Council (RAAC) at the end of 2003.  Through these efforts and the help of others he orchestrated 25th and 30th Anniversary Celebrations and instituted the Hall of Fame.  Through RAAC, he works with both clubs, faculty advisors, and alumni to build upon the clubs traditions and success.