Babson Rugby Alumni

I n December 2003, the Rugby Alumni Advisory Council (RAAC) was established to offer guidance and advocacy to the club while improving communications between the school, alumni, players, parents and the rugby community at large. RAAC leadership met with Babson Rugby Faculty Advisors, Club Officers, Captains and Coaches from both the men’s and women’s programs at least twice each semester.

Notable accomplishments include the purchase of a storage shed, scrum machine and scoreboard at the field, coordinating alumni games, supporting multiple fundraising efforts in conjunction with the college, conducted 25th and 30th Anniversary Weekends including banquet events with Hall of Fame inductions, and established an active email list for ongoing communications with Alumni.

In 2012, the college took a more active role in club administration, with the introduction of a Club Administrator within Athletics, and through active contracting and funding of rugby affairs.

Babson Rugby remains student governed in many respects, but now enjoys greater support from Administration, Athletics, and terrific coaching aligned together for the betterment of rugby at Babson and the student athletes involved. Both Men and Women’s Teams have grown in the process, and are competing effectively at a high level within Division III.

With the College’s increased support, the role of an active alumni advisory in club affairs is less necessary or desirable. However, support from Babson Rugby Alumni is no less important, and in many ways is more crucial to the development of both teams as they turn their sites to recruiting, team travel and a higher level of competition.

Rugby Affinity Group

In 2014, in conjunction with College Administration, Babson Rugby Alumni is now a recognized Affinity Group through the office of Alumni Affairs. As a result of the changes noted above, the Babson Rugby Alumni Mission Statement has been modified to reflect our evolving role. The familiar RAAC Logo will remain as a point of continuity for alumni.

From the Men’s Alumni, Babson recognizes the following individuals as leadership of the Affinity Group for Babson Rugby. Identification of Women’s Alumni to join the group is pending.

  • Ken Jasper ‘82
  • Steve Ashekian ‘83
  • Terrence Faherty ‘90
  • Sean Spaulding ‘98
  • Jake Sprague ‘07

Mission Statement

To serve Babson College and Babson Rugby in the pursuit of championship teams through high quality coaching, facilities, student-athletes and organizational governance. To provide a source of continuity and advisement on matters pertaining to Babson Rugby as requested. To assist in the advancement of Babson Rugby’s long-term interests through approved fundraising efforts. To preserve Babson Rugby heritage, maintain communications with rugby alumni, and to coordinate rugby alumni events.